Determining Coin Grade Properly

December 11th, 2012 Tipsico Coin

Determining an accurate grade on a coin is how a dealer will establish a universally reasonable price. However, just as some customers may look for flaws to get the price down, some dealers and traders will take advantage of the symbiotic relationship you have with them. They have something they want to sell, which you want to purchase. Since they have already made the sale mentally, some may use this to their advantage, looking for ways to raise the value.

1802 Large Cent, Coin Collecting and Trading  S-229

1802 Large Cent, With Stems, S-229 – View More

Collecting coins often starts as fun, and then grows into a respectable, lifelong hobby. For most collectors, family members or friends inspired them to get started. Maybe it was a sentimental gift from a grandparent, or a token of appreciation from a friend. Whatever the reason is, it is unfair for any dealer to monetize something of this sentiment.
It is imperative to know the difference between true enthusiasts, and salespersons. Do not blindly trust any coin dealer, as they may describe the coin at a higher grade, just to make more money. Educate yourself on the grading process before you set out on the treacherous journey of trading coins.

Post By Alex Pancheco of Tipsico Coin LLC.

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